Question 1: Does Sundial accept special education students?

Question 2: What are the Liberal Arts? What are the Sciences?

Question 3: What do you mean by Practical Arts?

Question 4: What are the Fine Arts? How about the Performing Arts?

Question 5: How does Sundial organize its curricular content?

Question 6: Does Sundial accept both families that practice a religion and those who do not? Can you tell me more about this?

Question 7: Can you tell me more about virtue formation and the religious aspect of Sundial?

Question 8: Are Sundial teachers or students required to profess religious belief?

Question 9: I’ve read mention of optional Christian Studies classes. Can you provide more information?

Question 10: Why don’t you require staff and families to sign a pledge affirming their Christian faith?

Question 11: What are some current media sources Sundial staff follow?

Mission: To form virtuous people: savoring beauty, cultivating gifts, pursuing knowledge, loving wisdom, practicing hospitality, and seeking Truth.