Sundial Classical Farmstead

The home of supplemental instruction programs in Classical Education: Liberal Arts, Fine & Performing Arts, Practical Arts, and the Sciences.

Sundial Classical Arts & Sciences

This program is for home-schooling families seeking supplemental instruction for their children ages 5-12. It operates Monday-Thursday and follows the principles of Charlotte Mason, a 19th century English education reformer, who believed children learn best when their days are focused on a few key elements: good literature, lots of time outside, and exploring the arts in order to experience beauty, goodness, and truth in tangible ways.

Sundial Classical Arts & Trades

This program brings together local experts and students in highly experiential demonstration and application sessions. Our students learn by practicing the Practical Arts along with Fine & Performing Arts, that is: life skills, drama, music, drawing/painting, sculpture, hobbies, leisure sports, and skilled trades like agriculture, woodworking, architecture, stonemasonry, tailoring/weaving, metalworking, electronics, navigation, and cooking to name a few.

Schola Natura


In essence this means “restful learning in the natural world.” We believe students learn better when they are given the time and space to be comfortable, curious, and actively engaged.